How to Sell Diamonds


Selling Diamonds and Loose Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds may be the only things that last forever as relationships are dwindling. Unfortunately, Nowadays around 50% of American marriages end in divorce. Once a diamond is bought, the couple is then stuck with a ring that will no longer be worn. If the individuals remarry, another ring will be purchased. What should be done with these unwanted diamonds that hold memories that the wearer may wish to forget? Why hold onto an expensive piece of jewelry when it can be sold? Getting cash for diamonds and diamond jewelry is probably the best route to go.

As diamonds increase in value, this is a great time to sell diamonds you no longer wear. Not only are Americans craving the luxury of diamonds, but the middle class in countries like China and India are beginning to fall for diamonds luxurious glamour. The price of diamonds has also increased, which makes it a perfect time for you to sell your unwanted diamonds. In the past companies only bought diamonds from wholesalers. The price of diamonds are like the prices of gold in that they fluctuate daily. Today dealers are buying from individual sellers because they can get a better prices for the jewelry. This has increased the market for individuals wanting to sell diamonds to a dealer.

Before You Sell a Diamond

sell-a-diamondBefore you sell, as an individual, you should think about the quality and authenticity. Is the diamond real? What is the diamonds carat weight? What type of cut is the diamond? It is recommended that you get an appraisal from an individual that does not buy or sell diamonds in order to know the quality of your diamond giving you a rhetorical analysis. You could also get an analysis from pawn shops. It is best to go to a couple different places to get a clear idea of its worth.

Once you understand the quality of your diamond, you can know what to expect to receive from a company that buys diamonds. Understand that you will not receive a retail price for the diamond, but a wholesale price. The company must be able to reset the diamond and resell it for a profit, so they will not pay top dollar for a stone. It is important to understand the market, and what diamonds are selling for. Buying and selling diamonds is a business and both must benefit from the transaction.

Getting the Best Price for Your Diamond

Now that you have established a price, and you know the quality of your diamond you can choose to either sell the diamond to a company or the public. You may want the highest price, but you also must keep in mind the turnaround rate. Most individuals choose to sell through a company because they can receive their money right away. Finding another individual to buy the diamond takes a lot more work and time. So while you may make a little more money finding an individual buyer, most decide they are ready to get rid of the stone as efficiently as possible. Companies that buy diamonds can make the process easy to complete, allowing the seller to move on.